Connect the unconnected with Beekeeper

Beekeeper software-as-a-service platform helps your organization to engage with your entire workforce through your own corporate mobile application in a secure and exclusive way.

Unleash the Power of Communication

Are your blue-collar workers having the best experiences at work they could possibly have? Would your blue-collar workers mind getting more appreciation, getting more recognition, getting more involved, getting their voices heard?

Beekeeper: the platform to boost your employee engagement ...

... by communicating and interacting with all of your employees.

Employees who work on mobile apps are generally happier

They feel better about your company and represent your brand enthusiastically.

Use Beekeeper for all types of internal communication

Top-down, bottom-up, or peer-to-peer for multiple kinds of contents and with instant real-time efficiency measurement.

A corporate digital strategy means bringing real life online

When dealing with people communication is in the core of each interaction.

Digital technologies completely transform traditional internal communication – making it more flexible, two-way, and engaging.

Emotionally committed and engaged employees lead to happy and engaged colleagues, and a happy and engaged team, leads to satisfied customers who then again will engage more with your company, hence not only increasing your profit, but also help you improve your services along the way.

To get your customer experience right you have to first get the employee experience right.

The Beekeeper App is used to communicate a variety of content



Good news and KPIs from management
Quick Opinion Polls


Health and Safety Information
New Procedures
Crisis Management


Announcement of new team members
Tip of the day
Recreation Club Activities


Mission and Vision of Company
Best Practice Examples
Customer Success Stories


"Best in Class" stories
Weekly achievements
Special customer interaction


Fun activity in the office
Corporate Social Responsibility Events
Everyone across the world

Employee retention is mandatory for competitive advantages

To win in the marketplace ... you must first win in the workplace.

Engagement - not merely information - of all employees has proven to boost KPIs in customer service, staff satisfaction (as a consequence of more “appreciation”, “recognition”, and “acknowledgment”) and ultimately staff retention.

For example up to 52% of all staff turnover happens in the first year. Thus it’s crucial to make new hires feel a part of the team right away and to ensure new hires get truly committed to your business.

Employee Engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company. They go the extra mile. They want to go the extra mile.

And there is so much more Beekeeper could do for your organization ...

To request for a demo at your office drop us a quick e-mail:

During the demo we might even share with you how Beekeeper will boost the birth rate in Singapore. Really. Just ask us.
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