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With the help of the Beekeeper App employee engagement will be embedded into the rhythm of your business.  Employee Engagement ceases as  an one-time HR initiative or campaign and transforms into a continuous process and an ongoing commitment.

Research has found that the best leaders affect employee engagement by doing three things right:

  1. Building a positive team climate: Ensures that all employees understand the company’s overall goals and policies
  2. Demonstrating trust and credibility: Conducts skillful conversations (formal and informal), demonstrates empathy, gives employees a voice, provides a forum for idea-sharing
  3. Understanding and responding to individual employee engagement needs: Recognizes accomplishments openly, encourages team activities and fun at work

To execute those ‘three things’ effectively the Beekeeper App provides the fitting functionalities.


The App enables users to set up automated messages and create internal communication streams – opportunities for making communication more simple, efficient, inclusive and keeping all engaged and making them more loyal.

Employee Mobile Surveys:

The avenue to gather structured feedback from the front line, to listen and understand all of your employees, and to measure their satisfaction and engagement levels.

Analytics Dashboard:

Real-time closed feedback loop via Community Analytics: Different analyses of content, topics and users activity on the platform enables fine-tuning of more engaging content.

For all of your employees – wherever they are:

Video – Beekeeper is Digitalizing the Non-Desk Workforce


Beekeeper in the Manufacturing Sector

Video – How to Reach and Engage your Manufacturing Employees


Beekeeper Customer FRHI

Video – Beekeeper in action at FRHI Hotels & Resorts


Beekeeper is constantly being enriched and expanded.  For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on product features do visit our principal’s website:

Beekeeper AG - Switzerland

Beekeeper AG – Switzerland


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