Who? – About us

Founder of Beekeeper Communication Pte Ltd - Andy G. SchmidtBeekeeper Communication Pte. Ltd. has been founded by Andy G. Schmidt with the targeted objective to market and distribute the Smart Phone App Beekeeper to innovative companies in Singapore.

In Singapore we are the Official Representative of the Swiss company


Beekeeper AG – based in Zurich, Switzerland – brings to you a high quality, easy-to-use and engaging software tool for employee engagement packaged into an Enterprise Mobile Messaging App.

Our Vision

Beekeeper AG’s vision is to connect the unconnected: Companies with a large number of non-desktop workers face the challenge to integrate them with the rest of the organization. The Beekeeper Application bridges this gap to boost employee engagement.

We strive to:

  1. Bring your employees who are geographically distanced from each other (e.g. working in the field) closer together.
  2. Make them feel as if they were sitting right next to each other and unleash the power of communication.
  3. Keep everyone in the company up to speed.

You can customize Beekeeper according to your corporate design, set up automated messages and create internal communication streams – endless opportunities for making communication more simple, efficient and keeping your team more engaged and ultimately – happier.

The Beekeeper Application democratizes internal communication, humanizes the workplace and therefore improves employee engagement.

Let us show you the full suite of Beekeeper’s functionalities during a Live-demo at your office:


or drop us a mail AndyG.Schmidt@bkc.sg or give us a call at 9233 9127 to discuss what is on your mind in the context of staff retention.

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